Indulge in a culinary adventure with The Kreative Catering’s exquisite menu offerings. Our team of skilled chefs has carefully crafted a diverse selection of dishes that blend flavors from around the world, using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure an exceptional dining experience for you and your guests.


2 Course ( 1 Entrée 1 Main ) –  $ 90

3 Course ( 1 Entrée 1 Main 1 Dessert ) –  $ 100

5 Course ( 2 Entrée 2 Main 1 Dessert )  $ 130

Minimum 8 guests

Staffing charged separately

Staffing numbers are determined by your guest count

Cutlery, crockery, linen & glassware not included

Prices exclude GST


King prawn, Mandarine, Brown butter, Sunrise lime

Pork neck, Miso, Macadamia, Orange, Grape, Kale

Cured Kingfish, Daikon, Beetroot, Raspberry, Sesame

Spanner crab, Yuzu, Sour cream, Konbu, Apple.

Beetroot, Radicchio, Koshikri Rice, Honey purple mustard (VG)


Steamed or Pan-fried market fish, Heirloom tomato, Ox heart, Sesame leave

Beef rump cab, Galbi sauce, Rice roll(ssam bab), Wild mushroom

Lamb rump, Beet, Marrow, Raddico, Hazelnut, Black vinegar.

Roasted chicken breast, Celeriac,  Sweet Soy, Dutch carrot

Konbu-eggplant steak, Galbi sauce, Rice roll(ssam bab), Wild mushroom (VG)


2 cold 2 hot – $55 pp 

2 cold 2 hot 1 substantial – $65 pp

2 cold 2 hot 2 substantial 1 sweet – $75 pp

Minimum 20 guests

Staffing charged separately

Staffing numbers are determined by your guest count

Prices exclude GST


Salmon tartare with apple , chives, grape, wasabi creme fraiche & blini

Pea tart with  lime & almond 

Poached prawn with chilli mayo, spring onion

Tomato texture with feta cheese & baguette (VEG)


Scallop with miso tahini & finger lime

Korean chilli chicken with almond

Cauliflower tart with chive (VEG)

Mushroom arancini with  truffle mayo (VEG)


Fish taco with slaw & sriracha mayo 

Poke salad with tuna , brown rice & sesame dressing 

Roasted chicken sandwich with chilli mayo, dill and celery


Chocolate mousse with raspberry & almond

Passion fruit custard with Mango & coconut



Chocolate mousse, Berry compote, Raspberry sorbet, Chocolate meringue

Poached peach, macadamia, tarragon gel, frozen yoghurt

Rice granita, Watermelon, Coconut

Serving Memories, One Bite at a Time